Sunday Cross Words – #2 Down

Another Little Aspie Rant

You know what I really hate? Mouth sounds. Chewing. Slurping. Lip-smacking. Crunching. Tisking and tutting. Mouth sounds. Hate ’em. They make me nuts.

There’s a word for it: misophonia.


So it seems I’m not alone.

I remember noticing these sounds as a kid. I remember that there was nothing to do about them. I mean… what, do I go around asking people to chew more quietly? Excuse me, sir, but your lips are smacking…

It’s like fingernails on a chalkboard. It’s like blenders and weed-whackers and lawn-mowers. Sometimes I want to scream.


But I have strategies. Eating in restaurants, though often hard for me for other reasons, at least provides relief in this matter, as the mouth sounds are lost in the din. Eating while watching something on Netflix helps a great deal. And chewing while others chew, timing my bites with theirs so that the sounds in my own head mask the sounds coming from the outside, also helps. Sometimes I just send hate rays at people, and imagine their heads exploding.

Misophonia: Please, give, so that others will not suffer.


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