To Aspie or Not to Aspie, That is the Question

To Aspie or Not to Aspie, that is the Question
Whether ’tis more Profitable on the Internet
To target, with posts and Updates of honest, vulnerable Content
The Asperger’s audience?
Or to take Arms against the sea of science-Fiction authors
And by targeted marketing and Excellence of craft,
Compete with them?
To write, To edit, to blog, to Learn all about SEO,
And by blog, to Say I put it all out There,
To end the hiding, and the thousand Natural hesitancies
That my neurology is Heir to.
Tis a question Devoutly to be pondered.
To be an Aspie blogger? To be a sci-fi Novelist?
To blog About both, perchance to find readers?
Ay, there’s the rub
For in Finding readers, what dreams May come?
When I have shuffled Off this mortal Obscurity,
Will it come from Choosing one audience over Another?
Or mayest I court Both, and through My writing,
Bring value to their Weary lives,
As I bring Value to my own,
And forge relationships through the Written Word?

Hey all. A bit of doggerel for a Saturday morning, with apologies to Mr. Shake-a-spear.


4 Comments for “To Aspie or Not to Aspie, That is the Question”

Susan V.


love this post and i hope you keep doing both. sci-fi and music were my salvation during my extremely painful adolescence and high school years in the 60’s/70’s (and still are as a middle aged woman). now i’m pretty sure, though not officially diagnosed, that i have asperger’s; starting to put the pieces together and see what it all means.

Timothy Scott Bennett


My plan is to continuing doing both, Susan. I’m hoping the blog can become a resource for others, parts of which may coalesce into a book. The fiction writing feels compulsory. But the question arises, so I ponder it: does having a blog which discusses both at the same time make it more difficult to find my audience? No way to tell without just doing it, so I do it. The question is higher in my mind right now as I look for ways to increase my blog’s visibility, learning the arcane majiks of SEO and Google Analytiks and such.

Both music and scifi served as my salvation as well, and my fondness for them continues in force. Best of luck as you continue to put the pieces together!

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