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Working today on an animated logo for my “artisanal publishing company,” Blue Hag Books, and a trailer for my first book, All of the Above. I could use your eyes on them both, if you’d like to help. Yes, the website looks horrible and is in need of a makeover. I’ll get to it.

Here’s the animated logo, below. Take a look. Sally and I have been trying to word-craft the tag line. What do you think of “New Stories for the Next Paradigm”? Sally’s unsure about the words “stories” and “paradigm.” She’s worried about jargon, and suggests words like “myth” and “narrative” and “archetype” to use in their place. But then I’m not sold on those. They could also be seen as “jargon,” to my mind, and I don’t like the poetry of them quite so much.

Got suggestions?

Here’s the book trailer. How’s the timing? The readability? The spelling? Check it out, and let me know what you see.

Thanks, all. More writing tomorrow.  Take care out there!  Pax-T

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Deni Dantis


I like the trailer a lot; it makes me wish for a movie version of the book. The music and the timing helps build the feeling of suspense and would make me want to read the book if it wasn’t already one of my favorites. I didn’t notice any spelling issues. Liked the brief appearance of the magic rabbit.
Love the look of the logo; the words, not so much. How about something without any ‘trending’ words, something like: Creative Tales for Humanities New Story.
REALLY looking forward to Rumi’s Field. May magical blessings abound.

Timothy Scott Bennett


Thanks, Deni! Yeah, I’ve always thought the story had cinematic potential. I actually translated the first chapters of AOTA into a series pilot a while back. Just haven’t put any energy into trying to connect it with somebody who might do something with it. It’s on the to-do list. All three books together might make a great long-form series. Lots of “need for content” out there, but then there’s also lots of content! Pax-T

Paul Heft


The animated logo looks good, although I was a bit confused by the conjunction of “blue hag” and a man’s silhouette.
“New Stories” seems perfect. “Myth” is often interpreted as “untrue” and “unsophisticated”. “Narrative” is more intellectual and suggests that you are creating a single narrative. “Archetype” will narrow the audience a lot.
“Next Paradigm” is wide open to interpretation, which is probably OK.

Timothy Scott Bennett


Thanks for your help with the wordcrafting, Paul. I’ll add your thinking and associations into the mix. Perhaps the Blue Hag needs to be added to the starfield, tucked away between the stars so you can barely make her out. That would align with a scene from Book 3, Imbolc,w where she actually makes an appearance! I’ll give it some thought. Take care. Pax-T


Hi, Tim!
I like the word “stories”, but definitely get rid of “paradigm”. “Archetype” isn’t bad, but there’s probably another word out there that’s more universal…If I think of one, I’ll post. Off hand, I;m wondering about synonyms for “perception”, point of view, epoch, , , that kind of thing… Good luck!



Love the trailer – especially how the music complements the scene and the appearance of the text coordinates with the beat.

How about: “New Parables for a New Paradigm” or “Parables for a New Paradigm”?

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