Free Books, Amazon Reviews, and the Road to my Compelling Vision

I don’t have all of the details worked out yet, or the various pieces in place, but at some point in the next few weeks I’m going to launch the first step in my campaign to reach my ultimate goal of sitting with Gillian Anderson, Keanu Reeves, and Robert Downey Jr to discuss the upcoming shooting for the Netflix-produced series version of the None So Blind trilogy, starting with All of the Above.

(Or something… remember, it’s not what the vision is, but what it does!)

This campaign will involve FREE EBOOK COPIES of All of the Above, Newsletter SignUps, the goal of 100 Amazon Reviews for All of the Above, FREE ADVANCED PDF COPIES of Rumi’s Field, the goal of having 100 Amazon Reviews for Rumi’s Field ready to go when it’s officially published this summer, and even some FREE PRINT COPIES of Rumi’s Field for those who go the extra mile. Think of it as my own private “bookstarter” campaign, with you receiving free books and me receiving your help in finding my larger audience and getting Amazon’s attention.

As I say, the details are still falling into place, but I wanted to throw my hat over the fence, so I’d have to go get it.

Stay tuned!

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Sally Erickson


Vision: It’s not what it IS, it’s what it does.
And from our friend John Breckenridge:
You always get what you want, or something even better.

If you live AS THOUGH THAT IS TRUE, then it’s really important to identify what you want (your vision) but be ready for that to change so you don’t miss out on what’s even better.

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