Five Years (My Brain Hurts A Lot)

All of the Above came out in the summer of 2011. The sequel, Rumi’s Field, should be out in the world by this summer. “Hey, TS. Why did it take you five years to write the sequel? Inquiring minds want to know.”

I mean, that’s a long time between novels in a sci-fi series if you want to build an audience, right? Especially when the first one was so well (if not widely) received. So what gives?

Good question. One to which I could form a variety of answers. But the answer that feels most truthy is this: I couldn’t write and publish Rumi’s Field until I was ready to do so. Ready personally. Ready psychologically. Ready emotionally. Ready spiritually. There were things I had to go through, truths I had to face, and realities I had to come to accept, before I could find the power and intention it takes to write and publish and promote a novel. Especially a novel that goes where Rumi’s Field goes.

Five years, and much of that time my brain and heart hurt very much. I learned to play the drum kit during that time. Played in a rock and roll band. I helped fix up four houses. Moved twice. Hauled firewood and shoveled snow. All of that. I read and studied and wrote and stopped. I moved through great loss, and then confronted myself in the emptiness, finding both surprising gifts and befuddling limitations. I cried. I told the truth. And over time, and with the help of others, I began to more truly love and value myself, gifts and limitations and all. I hadn’t really done that before.

Back on firm footing, I feel strong and steady, ready to release my next major work into the world and help it take wing.

Rumi’s Field. I’ll meet you there.

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Sally Erickson


As a fan of Bowie I love the reference to his “5 years…my brain hurts alot” lyric. I was kind of surprised it had been five years since All of the Above. And in another way it’s not surprising in that I can witness a great deal of maturing in us both in that time. Rumi’s Field is exactly where you deserve to be met, again.

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