Writer’s Block

I can’t seem to write a post these days. I tried, this past two weeks. More than once. Started with an idea. Wrote a few paragraphs. Then I stopped, and never got around to finishing it. And most days, I haven’t even tried.

(This post was the same. I began it days ago, and was unable to finish it until now.)

And editing work on Rumi’s Field has slowed, as I’ve had to stop and isolate a long conversation between Linda Travis and the Fisherman, outline it, figure out what’s going on, what needs to be there, what needs to be cut, re-outline it, and then plod through it, hacking away at large chunks of text that are simply too damn long to suit the story.

Maybe “block” is the wrong word. I am slowly moving forward. I am putting down words and forming sentences. I’m just having a difficult time sinking into it. I’m not feeling excited. I’m too distracted by other things. It’s more blah than block. Writer’s blah.

Most of this I ascribe to the outward changes of my life. Sally and I are getting the condo ready to rent to vacationers. Getting prepared to head north for the summer. Getting houses ready to sell. And we’re looking further out, searching for a new place in the NC Triangle. This background swirl of change and uncertainty and newness provokes my wiring into high-alert and leaves me distracted. I am unable to find the peace I need to find my creative flow.

So I’m not worried about this blah. I’m not panicked, thinking it’ll last forever. I realize why it’s there, and trust that it will come to an end. I’m just ready for Rumi’s Field to be finished and out in the world. I’ve got more books in the pipeline, wanting my attention. And other work in the world.

Ah well. I’ll get there. In the meantime, life goes on in other quarters. I’m reading good books and articles. Listening to good music. Watching interesting series. Sally and I walk daily on the beach, and continue our marvelous conversations about life, the universe, and everything. It’s all pretty good.

Summer in Maine will be nice. We leave Atlantic Beach tomorrow. Head to the Triangle to look at real estate and see the kids. Then head to the mountains on Vejibiz. Then north.

And then somewhere else. And then somewhere else after that. We keep moving…

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Sally Erickson


For someone with writer’s blah that was a really accurate summary of life as it is for us right now. Thanks.