Social Media Crash Course

With the upcoming publication of Rumi’s Field, I’m doing something new: I’m taking myself seriously as a writer, and putting my work out there to find its audience.

To do this, I’m following the obvious steps first, most of which, at this point, involve some form of social medium. Setting up a Facebook page, where I can concentrate my presence there. Figuring out Twitter. Reading about how I can use my Goodreads and LinkedIn accounts to boost my audience. Finally getting around to filling out my Amazon Author Page.

Then there are all the connections to make, between this blog and these various media and then back to the blog. Between one medium and another. Between all my various websites. I’ve got profiles to fill out, reading to do, contacts to make, tweets to tweet and blogs to write, and WordPress widgets and plugins to install and configure. And then there’s the book to finish editing.

It’s taking a great deal of time and energy and focus, doing all of this. But I must say, I’m doing well. The old dog lover is learning new tricks of the trade, and I’m excited to see where these steps, and the ones I’ll take next, will lead me. Feel free to connect with me through any or all of these media. I’ll be glad to have you there with me.

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Don’t forget to include a “Follow me” for your blog. Also consider the security side of things, something I’ve written about on my own blog. Social media for writers is a daunting thing, I know, but there are some out there willing to help you through the chaos of the internet. The biggest advice that I can give you is to pick two forums that you will be active on (I chose Twitter and Facebook). All other systems, let your blog auto post to them, or connect in to the feed things. My WordPress blog auto posts to all my social media (Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkdIn), however my Goodreads just picks up the feed from my blog. Basically, don’t do too much at once; let the systems do most of the work for you.

Timothy Scott Bennett


Thanks, Judy! That’s helpful. I’ve got some of those things in place already, but not quite configured the way I want them yet. (Need different plugins, I think…) I’ll check out your blog. I appreciate it. Tim

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