A Perfect Record #2 – Remain In Light

The Talking Heads –Remain in Light.

I’d seen the Talking Heads perform on Saturday Night Live, and had brought a copy of their latest, More Songs About Buildings & Food, back to my college apartment, where my taste in music was teased and scorned by my roommates, such “silly” genres as “New Wave” and “Punk” being the objects of their derision at the time. It didn’t matter. I couldn’t help it. As much as I wanted to fit in with my peers, the Talking Heads’ music moved me. Two years later, Remain in Light arrived, confirming my early adoption. It was, and remains, a master work.

Those exotic, tribal drums. The nervous, stuttering guitar. Those funky bass slaps. David Byrne’s clear, precise vocals and quirky lyrics. This music was smart, passionate, driving, and nothing like I’d heard before. It was anxious. It was paranoid. It was mysterious and obscure and strange and alive. This music reflected something strong that lived inside of me, and gave it an expression it had not before had. From the opening percussion line of Born Under Punches to the final droning cries of The Overload, this music was mine. Had I felt free to dance at the time, this was the music I’d have danced to.

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